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Core partners

Austria Bio Garantie

Austria Bio Garantie GmbH (ABG) was established as an inspection body in 1993. Its purpose is the inspection and certification of organic products from the primary agricultural products to the final processor. AGB works on behalf of the food authorities.


AGB is a charitable not-for-profit company characterized by the highest quality standards and strong service-orientation.


Further information is available at: www.abg.at/en

AgroVet GmbH inspects and certifies products, processes and quality assurance systems from the producer to the processor and on to the consumer. AgroVet is active in the following sectors: Agriculture, food and feed production, renewable agricultural resources and biofuels from agricultural crops.


With our comprehensive service package, competent staff and the collaboration with our partner company Austria Bio Garantie we are able to offer independent, reputable inspections and certifications. AgroVet is accredited to the ISO 17065 standard. Further information is available at: www.agrovet.at

bio.inspecta AG / q.inspecta GmbH

bio.inspecta and q.inspecta support farms and firms in the food sector, helping them to develop sustainably and strengthen their market position


Get in touch with us. We look forward to giving you more details about the value added you can gain for your farm or business.


You can find further information on the company bio.inspecta and q.inspecta GmbH at www.bio-inspecta.ch


The InfoXgen association was founded in 2001 by a group of organic inspection bodies located in German-speaking countries.
One priority is the assessment of inputs as to their suitability for use in organic farming on the basis of the currently valid version of the European Union’s Organic Farming Regulation.
A print version of the catalogue of inputs for organic farming in Austria is published annually.
In addition, all products assessed are listed in the publicly accessible database at http://www.infoxgen.com/en/

Network partners

Bio Test Agro AG

bio.inspecta AG and the Bio Test Agro, BTA, in Münsingen (BE) jointly run a Swiss Appeals Service. This cooperation assures harmonization and equal treatment of all disputes in the field of certification of organic and label products in Switzerland.


For more than 10 years now Bio Test Agro has been inspecting and certifying farm holdings in Switzerland which are managed in accordance with organic farming standards, as well as         small businesses in the food sector.


You can find further information on the company Bio Test Agro at


bioC GmbH

On the websites www.bioC.info and www.easy-cert.com, bioC and EASY-CERT have made available certification information of certified organic operators. bioC and EASY-CERT are working together on the creation of a common European platform. In so doing, these two companies are contributing to the improvement of the safety and quality standards for organic products as well as increasing the efficiency of the inspection process.
bioC is an initiative of nine organic inspection bodies in Germany and Austria, the German Federation of the Organic Food Industry (BÖLW), the Research Institute for Organic Agriculture Germany (FIBL Deutschland) and the bioC developer Ulrich Fischer. The organisation is, however, open to all organic control bodies. Its objective is to make differentiation between organic and nonorganic operators as easy as possible.


More information on bioC is available at www.bioC.info

Bio Suisse

Together, Bio Suisse and bio.inspecta are actively engaged in developing organic farming in Switzerland and neighbouring countries. The two companies initiate joint projects aimed at promoting and supporting production and processing based on organic methods.


The Bio Suisse Standards define sustainable production and processing methods. bio.inspecta. actively supports the ongoing development of the Standards and their implementation in practice.


More information on Bio Suisse is available at www.bio-suisse.ch


Demeter Switzerland and bio.inspecta have established an exclusive partnership for the inspection and certification of all agricultural holdings and companies engaged in the processing and trade sectors. Sustainable production methods and consistent use of homeopathy and other methods rooted in nature have demonstrated lasting credibility.bio.inspecta and Demeter will be pursuing this path jointly in the future.


Sustainable production methods and consistent use of homeopathy and other methods rooted in nature methods have demonstrated lasting credibility. bio.inspecta and Demeter will be pursuing this path jointly in the future.

More information on DEMETER is available at www.demeter.ch

Landwirtschaftlicher Kontrolldienst Graubünden (LKGR)

The agricultural inspection service of the Swiss canton of Grisons (Landwirtschaftlicher Kontrolldienst Graubünden, LKGR) is an accredited Type A inspection body in accordance with European standard ISO/IEC 17020. It delivers independent, competent and efficient inspection services for agricultural production and cultivation, for governmental and private-sector clients alike.


Further information is at www.alg.gr.ch 


OIC-IZS (Intercantonal certification body) was established in 1998. The partners include the cantons of western Switzerland as well as Berne and Ticino. OIC-IZS certifies according to ISO 45000 and ISO 17020 standards. The largest proportion of customers seek certification of AOC products but OIC-IZS also offer certification for products sold under the "Alp-" / "Berg-" (Alpine/Mountain) labels, Suisse Garantie, regional brands and private labels.


Further information is available at www.oic-izs.ch

QM-Schweizer Fleisch label

The QM-Schweizer Fleisch label (QM-SF) is administered by the Swiss Farmers' Union in Brugg. It is the basic frame of reference for Swiss livestock production. QM-SF aims at a single minimum standard and excludes “black sheep” from the meat production sector. As a result of its cooperation with bio.inspecta / q.inspecta in the IT area, the Head Office can utilize synergies and reduce costs.


For further information on QM-SF please go to www.qm-schweizerfleisch.ch


bio.inspecta Agriculture and the Swiss Association for Quality and Management Systems (SQS) in Zollikofen (CH-BE) have agreed on exclusive cooperation and a consolidated range of services.

The two major Swiss companies in the field of food quality assurance work in close cooperation.


For 25 years now, SQS has stood for quality in auditing and certification. Customers draw on SQS and bio.inspecta services at a single source. This combination saves you time and money when it comes to the annual audits.

You can find further information on the company SQS at www.sqs.ch

Non-profit association for the monitoring of environmentally sound and high-animal-welfare farming (KUL)

The purpose of KUL is to provide independent, expert and economical inspection services to both the private sector and state authorities, by which to monitor statutory or agreed, environmentally sound and high-animal-welfare conditions and stipulations in agricultural production.


For further information on KuL please go to www.kulbern.ch